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How does the process work?
1st Concept - Using the form that you have filled out we work with you to develop a spec to meet your needs. During this time, we need to talk to the local Fire Commission, Health Department and Building Authority to understand your unique requirements to meet code.
2nd Design – Based on the spec we develop a floor plan.
3rd Quote – Using the floor plan a quote is created for you. We will also provide estimated build times.
4th Build – Once the build starts we usually go in the following order: Rough in, Electrical, Wall covering, Flooring, Plumbing, Fixtures, Paint/Decals, Final inspection/Testing.
5th Delivery or Pick up
Why Food Trucks International?
Our record speaks for itself we have been building since 1998. Our Quality, Safety and Reliability are second to none. We build to NSF standards
What is NSF?
NSF is the National Sanitation Foundation. It is the standard for commercial kitchens.
Do you ship or Export?
Yes, both. We ship nationwide and can export worldwide.
What size Truck?
The most common truck sizes are 16 or 18 foot boxes.
What about trailers sizes?
The most common size is 18 or 20 foot units.
Can you help me with Health codes and regulation?
Yes, in fact we specialize in working with you to ensure your truck or trailer will meet code when you receive it.

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