Truck Builds

Considering your own Food Truck Business

Retail space today is at such a premium; it makes mobile trucks very appealing to the average person trying to start his or her own business. Food trucks enjoy low overheads, low entrance fee, and best of all… Mobility to take your business directly to your customers!

Your Market

Sporting events & tournaments

Special events & festivals

Company luncheons & meetings

Industrial parks – lunchtime

On-site catering & parties

School fundraising days

Community & charity fundraisers

Late night bar business

Evening home delivery

Lunch-time business delivery


Trucks are effectively a “Rolling billboard”

Overhead costs are very low and are mostly fixed

No high rents, low utilities, no property or business tax

The trucks are fully self-contained and health-approved

Minimal labor costs …. the trucks can enjoy a high level of profitability

Mobile trucks have the capability of baking on route to the customer

If your customers require add-ons, your kitchen is right at their door!

Cell phones and wireless debit are adaptable to the units

A great family business opportunity for owner/operators

Assistance Provided

We will assist with your local health department to ensure that your truck is manufactured to their specifications.

We offer guidance and direction when dealing with Licensing Department on zoning, rules and regulations, by-laws, and city licensing.

We will design your floor plans and equipment layouts.

We can assist in your logos, artwork, exterior design, and paint colors.

We can deliver your truck or you can fly into Winnipeg, Manitoba or Fargo, North Dakota and pick it up.

We handle all customs and border crossing documentation in Canada and the United States.

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